Cornelius Van Vorst, ca.1620; 
Jersey City Free Public Library; Grover Cleveland Political Cartoon; 
Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historical Site Collection Peter Lee, former slave, ca.1880; 
Hoboken Historical Photographs Collection; Farm Map of Hillsboro, Somerset County, 1860; 
Historical Maps of New Jersey Collection; Bathing Beauties, 1890-1930; 
American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark Collection; Flag Salute, 1950; 
Seabrook Farms Collection;

About This Project
Supported by grants from the NJ Historical Commission, the Electronic New Jersey Project provides primary source learning materials and related instructional activities within 23 curriculum units to increase student and faculty understanding of New Jersey's role in U. S. history. Beginning in 1997, faculty at Hunterdon Central Regional HS in Flemington NJ and Spotswood NJ HS collaborated with archivists and librarians at the Alexander Library to select, study and develop resources for this project. Howard Green, research director of the NJ Historical Commission, assisted in the selection and review of sources for the project, lending his substantial expertise in NJ history throughout the development of the site. Since that time, a consortium of New Jersey school districts have collaborated with Rutgers University-New Brunswick, the NJ State Archives, and the NJ Historical Society to further develop and expand the project website.
In January 2011, the Electronic New Jersey website was relocated to the Educators Portal of the NJ Digital Highway as part of a substantial site redesign and expansion funded by a grant from the NJ Historical Commission.
We welcome your inquiries and questions about site contents, design and instructional activities. Please contact us with your comments.
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Hunterdon Central Regional HS
Dr. William R. Fernekes, Supervisor of Social Studies; Noel Baxter, Dan Butler, Keith Dennison, Darrell DeTample, Marco DiMarcello, Amy Hunter-Dutta, Rachel Haftel, Christine Hladky, Kerry Kelly, Ken Kotcher, Adam Leonard, Kris Myers, Karen Aversano, Tom Ryan,Sean Siet, Laura Sproul, Sharon Sweeney and Lindsay Warren, Social Studies Faculty.
Spotswood HS
Karen Boyle, Supervisor of Social Studies, Art and Music; Bill Marshall, Supervisor of Social Studies, Music and Health and Physical Education (1996-1999); Colleen Meyers (1997-1998), Erin Peabody, Graham Peabody (1996-1999) and Frank Yusko, Social Studies Faculty.
East Brunswick HS
Paul Cohen, Supervisor of Media/Social Studies (1997-2000); John Blair, Department Chairperson-Social Studies; Ruth Chang-Junior High Social Studies Faculty(1997-1999), Kevin McEvoy, Angela Pata-Junior High School Social Studies Faculty; Kenneth T. Saroka-High School Social Studies Faculty.
Bridgewater-Raritan HS
Thomas Crop, Supervisor of Social Studies; Steve Beatty, Jack Devlin, John Dolese, Charles Kitchin, Courter Smith, and Eric Price (1997-1998), Social Studies Faculty.
Northern Burlington Regional Schools
Marvin Fenichel, Supervisor of Social Studies and Applied Technology; Pennie Kearns, Middle School Social Studies Faculty; Neil Wood, Librarian.
North Brunswick Public Schools
Pete Clark, Assistant Principal and Supervisor of Social Studies; John Cox and Eileen Trimarco, Social Studies Faculty.
Flemington-Raritan Regional
Seth Cohen.
Readington Twp. Public Schools
Jean Lieb.
Freehold Regional Public Schools
Michelle Lilley, Kathryn Tamburo.
Rutgers University Special Collections and Archives/Rutgers University Libraries
Tom Frusciano, University Archivist; Bonita Craft Grant, NJ Bibliographer; Boyd Collins, Information Technology Librarian (1996-97); Ron Jantz, Librarian and the Staff of the Scholarly Communications Center, Alexander Library; Michael Giarlo, Scholarly Communications Center, Alexander Library; Ed Skipworth, Project Archivist; Fernanda Perrone, Project Archivist; Diane Kelly, Lynn Lobash, Terry Catapano, and Phylicia Dolcy, Rutgers School of Communications, Information and Library Science; Caryn Radick, Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives; Linda Langschied, Scholarly Communications Center. Kayo Denda, Head, Margery Somers Foster Center and Women’s Studies Librarian, Mabel Smith Douglass Library.
Rutgers University Department of History
Dr. Kurt Piehler, Former Director, Rutgers World War II Oral History Project. Currently Professor of History, University of Tennessee. Dr. Dee Garrison, Dr. William Gillette, Dr. Paul Israel and Dr. James Livingston, Dr. Donna Murch, Dr. James Reed, Members of the History Faculty-Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Dr. Clement A. Price, History Faculty-Rutgers University, Newark.
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Dr. Benjamin Justice and Dr. Beth Rubin.
Historical Sources Consultant
Dorothy Hartman.
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William Crosbie, David Schaller and Isaiah Beard.
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Chad Mills.
New Jersey Historical Society
Chad Leinaweaver, Director of the Library and Collections.
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Joseph R. Klett, Chief of Archives.
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Dr. Hilarie Bryce Davis, Technology for Learning Consortium.
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